Aline Bouvy

°1974, Watermael-Boitsfort (BE) - lives and works in Brussels (BE)

Aline Bouvy’s multidisciplinary practice is a way of expressing her refusal to compromise and adapt to systems in our society which aim to regulate our longing, conforming it to the norms and values which shape that same society. Bouvy questions and denounces how the images we have of ourselves and of humanity are determined by this morality.

In this way, Bouvy is attracted to the non-conventional – not to fetishize elements from the margins of society, but from a wish to normalise what is considered out-of-bounds, and thereby adjusting the prevailing morality. In earlier works, Aline Bouvy used with images of stray dogs and weeds, or made bas-reliefs of anuses with phallic shapes stuck in them. The male nude is a recurrent motive in her work, again not as a fetish but rather a counterweight to the naked female body that seems to be everywhere, not only throughout art history but also in our contemporary visual culture.

Aline Bouvy questions how we handle contemporary cultural production and takes a stand against norms and values society imposes upon us.


Aline Bouvy

After many years of collaborating with John Gillis, Aline Bouvy started working alone in 2014. Since then, she’s had solo and group exhibitions at venues such as National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg; Kunsthal, Ghent; Kunstraum, London; Motel, Brooklyn; Exo Exo, Paris; New Jörg Gallery, Vienna; Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York; IMT Gallery, London; Parallel, Oaxaca; NICC, Brussels; and the Copenhagen Art Festival.

Aline Bouvy is represented by the following galleries;
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Baronian, Brussels

Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg


works by Aline Bouvy

Aline Bouvy - Sheer Impotence, 2022

Aline Bouvy

Sheer Impotence

Aline Bouvy - Kraft, Masse, Raum, Zeit, Geometrie (after AR Penck) - 2018

Aline Bouvy

Kraft, Masse, Raum, Zeit, Geometrie (after AR Penck)

- 2017 NICC Edition Set -
Aline Bouvy - Heavy Fuckry / I don’t need you to feed me  - 2016

Aline Bouvy

Heavy Fuckry / I don’t need you to feed me

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