Kasia Fudakowski

°1985, London (UK) – lives and works in Berlin (DE)

Kasia Fudakowski’s sculptural practice provides a totally independent view of artistic production in a social context. Both her sculptures, which often hover somewhere between figurative and abstract, and her sculptural practice-related performances and videos refer to her interest in the theory and philosophy of humour.

Fudakowski focuses on the immediate, tense relationship between artist and audience, on patterns of expectation, representational ideals, theatricality, and the interpretation of objects as identities. Her fascination for the tremendous critical potential for humour as a comment on human failure, especially when it comes to social systems, is a crucial feature.



Kasia Fudakowski

Kasia Fudakowski has exhibited internationally at venues such as Modern Art Oxford; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; 1646, The Hague; Kunstverein Braunschweig; Arnolfini, Bristol; GAK, Bremen; FUTURA, Prague; and Harburger Bahnhof Kunstverein, Hamburg.

Upcoming projects include Made in Germany at Sprengel Museum, Hanover; and Bring Art into Life! at Museum Ludwig, Cologne.

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ChertLüdde, Berlin

You can also discover more of Kasia Fudakowski’s work on her own website.

works by Kasia Fudakowski

Kasia Fudakowski - Blinking Bonkers - 2016

Kasia Fudakowski

Blinking Bonkers

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