Birgit Megerle

°1975, Geisingen (DE) – lives and works in Berlin (DE) 

Birgit Megerle focuses on the figure in her paintings. The artist paints her surroundings, well-known personalities, stars, and – with increasing frequency in more recent paintings – anonymous individuals. Precise, detailed, and delicately executed, the portraits are both artificial and distanced. Painterly “reduction” and abstraction determine the implicit views of the private and the public, of medially constructed personalities, and of casual, random poses.

In her practice, Birgit Megerle addresses media-specific questions and is concerned with the temporality and historicity of painting. Her motifs are contemporary, current and yet devoid of an obvious time period or identifiable context. The images are subtly voyeuristic, direct our gaze, and yet remain vague, as if a hermetic glass pane or transparent veil separates us from the figures.

(courtesy of Kunsthaus Glarus)


Birgit Megerle
Birgit Megerle (Courtesy of texte zur kunst)

Birgit Megerle’s work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Kunsthaus Glarus; Dépendance, Brussels; Kunsthalle, Lingen; and Kunstverein, Cologne. Group exhibitions include Badischer Kunstverein; Overduin & Co., Los Angeles; Tanya Leighton, Berlin; Bielefelder Kunstverein; MAMbo, Bologna; Cheslea Museum, New York; and Talbot Rice, Edinburgh.

Birgit Megerle is represented by the following galleries;
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Galerie Neu, Berlin

Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna / Rome

works by Birgit Megerle

Birgit Megerle - Ohne Titel - 2019

Birgit Megerle

Ohne Titel


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