Armen Eloyan

°1966, Yerevan (AM) – lives and works in Zurich (CH)

Armen Eloyan combines influences from street art and cartoons with references to great pioneers in painting such as Willem De Kooning and Philip Guston. He shows a world in which familiar figures, whom we often associate with our own childhood, have lost all their innocence. “Putting together a good painting is like putting together a good joke,” the artist has said. Though Eloyan doesn’t consider himself as a writer, various narratives develop through his work.The characters in his paintings tell sardonic and melancholic, stories, but despite the heavy themes, Eloyan succeeds in enticing the viewer by the energy transmitted in his canvases.

Armen Eloyan
Armen Eloyan (Photo by Shirana Shahbazi)

Armen Eloyan’s solo exhibitions include Frac des Pays de la Loire; Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen; Parasol Unit, London; Autocenter, Berlin; and Gemeentemuseum, The Hague. Group shows include Kunsthalle Bern; Groeningenmuseum; Bruges; Andrea Rosen, New York; and MUHKA, Antwerp.

Armen Eloyan is represented by the following galleries;
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Tim Van Laere, Antwerp

Timothy Taylor, New York / London 

Nicola von Senger, Zurich

Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam

works by Armen Eloyan

Armen Eloyan - Snakes & Tyres - 2019

Armen Eloyan

Snakes & Tyres


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