Armen Eloyan

Snakes & Tyres



12 colour silkscreen print on 88 Arches paper

49 × 70 cm

Edition of 15 copies, signed and numbered by the artist

This edition comes with a copy Armen Eloyan's self-titled publication by Hannibal Publishing

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This edition is published by artlead

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about Armen Eloyan

Armen Eloyan combines influences from street art and cartoons with references to great pioneers in painting such as Willem De Kooning and Philip Guston. He shows a world in which familiar figures, whom we often associate with our own childhood, have lost all their innocence. “Putting together a good painting is like putting together a good joke,” the artist has said. Though Eloyan doesn’t consider himself as a writer, various narratives develop through his work.The characters in his paintings tell sardonic and melancholic, stories, but despite the heavy themes, Eloyan succeeds in enticing the viewer by the energy transmitted in his canvases.


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