Kris Martin

Idiot (tablecloth & twelve napkins)



Damask cotton

This is a set of one tablecloth (350 x 150 cm) and twelve napkins (each 50 x 50 cm)


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about this work

In 2005 Kris Martin copied Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot (1874) by hand and replaced every mention of the innocent and good-hearted main character Prince Myshkin with his own name ‘Martin’. Since this key work, the word and concept ‘Idiot’ has become a recurrent motif in Martin’s artistic practice. The word Idiot appears as a motif on this tablecloth and these napkins – almost invisibly woven into the artist’s handwriting.

Damask is a weaving technique in which drawings are made on a background of the same colour. As a result, the drawing can only be seen clearly from a certain angle. This classic white table linen only reveals its poetic drawing after you have wiped your mouth for the first time.


This set includes one tablecloth measuring 350 x 150 cm and twelve napkins, each measuring 50 x 50 cm.


about Kris Martin

Through sculpture, drawing, photography, performance and intervention, Kris Martin challenges the notion of history and time, by attempting to mark, halt or transcend its inevitable passing. By altering found objects through a subtle re-positioning or intervention, and by re-creating canonical works of art and literature, Martin’s practice can be considered as poetic, deeply contemplative and situated within the traditions of conceptual art.



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