Annette Kelm




Archival pigment print

29,7 × 21 cm – with the image measuring 26 × 19,5 cm

Edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered by the artist


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This edition is published by Texte Zur Kunst

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about this work

Annette Kelm is noted for her meticulous pictorial compositions, which she typically arranges in her studio and captures with large- or medium-format cameras. The conceptually exacting placement of the materials yields works that strike a delicate balance between photographic definition, objects in staged settings, and surfaces. “Dschungel” (“Jungle”) was created at the Deutsche Bundesbank’s Counterfeit Money Unit in Mainz, where Kelm accessorized a potted tropical plant with forged 500-euro notes. Although the motif appears at the edge of the picture, almost like an afterthought, the purple banknotes, standing out from the fresh green and the white of the wall, attract the beholder’s gaze. In light of the ever-advancing virtualization of money and the inexorable rise of contactless payment methods in the jungle of finance, these forgeries take on the sweet charm of a remnant of the past.

about Annette Kelm

Themes of seeing and displaying, the constructed nature of images, as well as the disclosure of the circumstances of their production, run through Annette Kelm’s work, in which documentary and staged images stand alongside one another.

In her still lifes, portraits, landscape and architectural photographs, Kelm documents modern everyday culture and often uses object photography to do so. Removed from their original context and transferred to new constellations, their motifs evoke associations that reveal artistic, historical and socio-cultural references.

(courtesy of König Galerie)



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