Zabludowicz Collection

Zabludowicz Collection is a philanthropic organisation including a growing collection of contemporary art and a programme of international exhibitions, events and artists’ residencies. Founded in 1994, the Collection is dedicated to fostering new audiences and a sustainable environment for contemporary art, offering a variety of opportunities and support for artists and art organisations. All of its activities are privately funded and free for the public to access.

Affordable limited edition publications and artworks are commissioned for each exhibition and all proceeds are split equally between the artist and the Collection Public Programme.

176 Prince of Wales Road, London, United Kingdom (UK) (GB).

available works

Julia Wachtel - Untitled (rectangle with hat and arm) - 2015

Julia Wachtel

Untitled (rectangle with hat and arm)

Amalia Pica - Farewell (unique photocopies) - 2009

Amalia Pica

Farewell (unique photocopies)

Michael E Smith - Necks - 2014

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