Dirk Braeckman




Ultrachrome inkjet print on Japanese rice paper

29,7 × 42 cm

Edition of 30 copies, signed and numbered by the artist

Op voorraad

This edition is published by Galerie Thomas Fischer

Pick up at / ships in 5 to 10 business days from Berlin (DE)

over dit werk

F.T.-T.F.-13-2013 (2013) is a print on Japanese rice paper. As with all Braekman’s works, the title doesn’t give any clues as to what is depicted in the image or where the photograph was shot. This is a very concious choice of the artist; the image has to speak for itself. The title is just a way of organising images throughout his practice.


over Dirk Braeckman

With their matte surfaces, grey scales and unclear motifs, the black-and- white photographs of Dirk Braeckman are utterly enigmatic, intriguing, suggestive, and raise more questions than they answer. In his images we can distinguish several themes, such as female nudes, curtains, empty corners in rooms, walls, abandoned hotel rooms, etc., remaining highly autobiographical and evading the conventions of documentary photography. His dark room is transformed into a field of experimentation in which Braeckman manipulates the paper, working with the materiality of the picture and revealing influences of light, chance and time.


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