Vincent Geyskens

°1972, Lier (BE)

In his experimental explorations with paint, Vincent Geyskens problemises the medium of painting through combining abstraction and figuration, which undermines the final image of the painting. In a seemlingly effortless way, he smoothly switches from one style to another, whereby Geyskens not only questions the medium but also subverses our observational habits. According to Geyskens, it has no importance whether a painting is figurative or abstract. He is rather interested in the physical and material nature of the painting itself and applies this to both his figurative and his abstract works.

Geyskens’ artistic practice starts from a continuous research to the formal fundaments of painting and its difficult position within the contemporary consumer society. His paintings usually originate very consciously and often have, though subtle, a ironic, polemic effect. They visualize the problematic character of constructing images in a period that is subjected to the inflation of pictures and habituation.

Among others, Vincent Geyskens has had solo exhibitions in S.M.A.K., Ghent; Thomas Erben Gallery, New York; Annette De Keyser, Antwerp; and Envoy Gallery, New York.

His work has also been shown in several group exhibitions including Everything You Can Imagine Is Real… at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels; Un-scene at WIELS, Brussels; Figge Von Rosen, Cologne; and Galerie Almine Rech, Brussels.

Vincent Geyskens
Vincent Geyskens (Photo by Marc Wathieu)

works by Vincent Geyskens

Vincent Geyskens - The Distance Between Two Points - 2008

Vincent Geyskens

The Distance Between Two Points

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