Thorsten Brinkmann

°1971, Herne (DE) – lives and works in Hamburg (DE)

The distinct work of German artist Thorsten Brinkmann fluctuates from photography and sculpture to performance and installation. The artist shows us how man relates to the objects that surround him. Brinkman selects and combines objects – and the stories that go with them – quite playfully in his studio. The results of this process assume different forms, including photography, sculpture, three-dimensional installations and video art.

This wonderfully absurd artist achieved a breakthrough with Portraits of a Serialsammler (Portraits of a serial collector). In this 2003 series of photographs, Brinkmann dressed in discarded everyday items and second-hand clothing, putting lampshades, pillowcases, or battered buckets on his head, enveloping himself in brocade jackets, frilly dresses, or couch covers. For his photographic still lifes, readymades, and installations, the artist also makes use of an enormous store of rubbish, turning surprising combinations of scrapped materials and references to art history into space for the viewer to reevaluate, contemplate, and see things in a new light.

(Courtesy of Hatje Cantz)

Thorsten Brinkmann

The work of Thorsten Brinkmann has been subject to solo solo exhibitions in, among others, Rice Gallery, Houston; Be-Part, Waregem; Museo Nacional de San Carlos, Mexico City; Kunsthaus Hamburg; Kunstverein Augsburg; and GEM, The Hague. Group exhibitions include Kunsthalle zu Kiel; SCHIRN Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; Kunsthalle Hamburg; the Arab Museum of Contemporary, Sakhnin; Museum of Modern Art, Wuhan; and the Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.

Brinkmann’s work is part of numerous public collections, including Collection Falkenberg, Collection Hamburger Kunsthalle, Mont Blanc Collection, Sammlung des Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, Collection Gemeentemuseum The Haque, and Collection Museo de San Carlos, Mexcio City.

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Hopstreet, Brussels

Pablo’s Birthday, New York

You can also discover more of Thorsten Brinkmann’s work on his own website.

works by Thorsten Brinkmann

Thorsten Brinkmann - Never Die - 2013

Thorsten Brinkmann

Never Die


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