Thilo Heinzmann

°1969, ... (DE) - lives and works in (DE)


Thilo Heinzmann attended Städelschule in Frankfurt from the early 1990s in the class of Thomas Bayrle. During that time he also assisted Martin Kippenberger. A significant voice in a generation of German painters scrutinizing the medium and its history, his inventive, precise works are driven by an inquiry into what painting can be today.

Using chipboard, styrofoam, nail polish, resin, pigment, fur, cotton wool, porcelain, aluminum and hessian, Heinzmann has for the last twenty-five years worked on developing new paths and a unique visual language in his practice. He is interested in the presence that each work creates, which is further enhanced by his paintings’ powerful tactile qualities. It invites the viewer to notions on some essentials: composition, surface, form, color, light, texture, and time.

(courtesy of Perrotin)


Thilo Heinzmann
Thilo Heinzmann (Courtesy of Galerie Guido W. Baudach)

Thilo Heinzmann is represented by the following galleries;
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Carl Freedman, Margate

dépendance, Brussels

Andersen’s, Copenhagen

Galerie Perrotin, Paris / New York / Hong Kong / etc.

Galerìa Heinrich Ehrhardt, Madrid

Bortalami Gallery, New York

You can also discover more of Thilo Heinzmann’s work on his own website.

works by Thilo Heinzmann

Thilo Heinzmann - Nude - 2012

Thilo Heinzmann



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