Rosa Loy

° 1958, Zwickau (DE) – lives and works in Leipzig (DE)

Rosa Loy can be ascribed to the New Leipzig School. She counts among those female German painters who deal with the knowledge handed down by women, by New Femininity and its associated “school of mysteries,” as well as with neo-Romanticism. Romanticism is one of the great traditions of Saxonian painting. Loy integrates femininity and beauty into her paintings, affording multilayered ways of interpreting her works. Her figurative approach allows for narrative references, but it goes beyond simple interpretations, making use of the manifold associations found in interconnected systems and conventional types of visual perception.

(Courtesy of Hantje Cantz)


Rosa Loy

Rosa Loy’s work has been subject to solo solo exhibitions in, among others, Kunstraum Innsbruck; Villa Katzorke, Essen; Art hall Giessen; and David Zwirner, New York. Group exhibitions include Seongnam Art Center, Seoul; Museum for Modern Art, Bremen; Royal Academy of Arts, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig; The Contemporary Museum, Baltimore; and White Cube, London.


Rosa Loy is represented by the following galleries;
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Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig

Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles

McClain Gallery, Houston

Gallery Baton, Seoul

works by Rosa Loy

Rosa Loy - Manna - 2011

Rosa Loy



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