Rodrigo Hernández

°1983, Mexico City (MX) - lives and works in Lison (PT)

Rodrigo Hernández is interested in simple materials such as paper, copper, wood, and steel; and in manual and artisanal ways of processing them. At first glance, the works he makes may seem simple, but they all carry complex questions about the world around us.

Hernández constantly refers to art history and to elements of literature to explore a number of man-made concepts – such as the idea of time, for example, or what makes us human. With works that can take very different forms, such as paper-mâché sculptures; copper bas-reliefs; paintings, and space-filling installations, Hernández explores utopian ideas, and how these ideas can recur in other ways in art and literature.



Rodrigo Hernández
Rodrigo Hernández (Photo by Claire Dorn)

Rodrigo Hernández exhibits his work internationally, with solo exhibitions in Pivô, São Paulo; SCAD Museum of Art, Georgia; Kunsthalle Winterthur; Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht; SALTS, Basel; and Museo del Chopo, Mexico City. Group exhibitions included Kunsthalle Basel; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; New Museum of Contemporary Art, Guatemala; ZKM, Karlsruhe; and Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich.

Rodrigo Hernández is represented by the following galleries;
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Madragoa, Lisbon

Chert Lüdde, Berlin

P420, Bologna

You can also find more information on Rodrigo Hernández’ work on his own website.

works by Rodrigo Hernández

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