David Horvitz

°1982, Los Angeles (US) – lives and works in Los Angeles (US)

David Horvitz works in the realm between the virtual and the physical, being able to translate the functioning of one sphere to the other. It is very difficult to explain what Horvitz does exactly, and what makes him such an interesting artist. He often jokes how his wife and friends think he is lazy, while actually he is constantly working. You could say that through his work, Horvitz creates a caption for the world rather than a new image for it. Through various conceptual strategies he reflects in a poetic, visual way of how we occupy a place in the world – be it digitally or ‘in real life’.

David Horvitz uses different media and distribution methods to spread his ideas: from photography and performance, to books, conceptual websites, online interventions and ‘mail art’. In many of his work, the artist plays with the boundaries of the artwork, with how we receive and read it, and how we ultimately understand it.


David Horvitz
David Horvitz – Mood Disorder, 2015

The work of David Horvitz is shown internationally. Solo exhibitions include New Museum, New York; Blum & Poe, Los Angeles; Kunsthal Charlottenburg, Copenhagen; and Jan Mot, Brussels. His work was also part of various group exhibitions, including in HangarBicocca, Milan; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow; Modulor, Marseille; and MoMA, New York.

David Horvitz is represented by the following gallery;
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ChertLüdde, Berlin

You can also discover plenty more of David Horvitz’ work on his own website, where you can listen to audio descriptions of his works.

works by David Horvitz

David Horvitz - View of the Atlantic Ocean / View of the English Channel - 2008/2018

David Horvitz

View of the Atlantic Ocean / View of the English Channel


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