Philippe Van Snick

Agave Americana


Silkscreen on K3 Pigement Print

65 × 45 cm

Edition of 15 copies, signed and numbered by the artist

This edition comes with a copy of Philippe Van Snick's publication The Project

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about Philippe Van Snick

The artistic practice of Philippe Van Snick, one of Belgium’s foremost abstract painters, includes paintings, wall paintings, installations, sculptures and works on paper. His work is often characterised by extremely simple forms and by the constant use of the same colours, which are intimately related to the space in which they are presented.

By using simple and limited materials, which are always suffused with a desire for order, Van Snick attempts to research, analyse and create space by means of minimal expression. In this way, the notion of painting in the work of Van Snick never limits itself to the painted surface, as he attaches great importance to the manifested interaction among the individual viewer, his work and the surrounding architecture.



Other works by Philippe Van Snick

Philippe Van Snick - Architectuur - 1996

Philippe Van Snick


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