Noor Nuyten

Seven Days, Seven Traces (handkerchiefs)



Embroidery on recycled fabric

Set of seven handkerchiefs, each measuring 28 x 28 cm

Edition of 70 copies, signed and numbered by the artist

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This set of handkerchiefs is part of our artlead series

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about this work

“Sketch on the handkerchief some perpendicular networks, like Cartesian coordinates, and you will define the distances. But, if you fold it, the distance from Madrid to Paris could suddenly be wiped out, while, on the other hand, the distance from Vincennes to Colombes could become infinite.”*

Coming from Noor Nuyten’s never-ending obsession with time and measurement, sparked by Michel Serres words above, these embroidered handkerchiefs become maps, transforming into delicate choreographies for the face. Each day of the week unveils a new choreography that can be used to capture the silent stories of tears or sneezes.

Noor Nuyten’s homage to handkerchiefs stems from a deeper understanding – passed down from a handkerchief-collecting mother. These fabric squares transcend their utilitarian purpose, becoming tangible records of sociocultural history, entwined with memories, creativity, and identity.

Throughout the past, the colors used in embroidering handkerchiefs have played a significant role in their meaning and usage. In Seven Days, Seven Traces, Nuyten delves into the significance of shades of blue, colors that didn’t get their name until modern times. Even though nameless, these hues perceptible in nature for ages, add a layer of mystery. Like distant mountains appearing blue due to scattered light, each day’s chosen shade weaves a new narrative on these small, yet profound, canvases.




*From Conversations on science, culture, and time / Michel Serres with Bruno Latour; translated from French by Roxanne Lapidus. The University of Michigan Press, p.60,


about Noor Nuyten

Noor Nuyten playfully and humorously provide new ways to engage in a critical but humorous relationship with rationally structured systems such as time, language and units of measurement.

Her artistic practice is rooted in conceptual art, but unmistakably contemporary. She has a highly innovative mindset, with which she surprises her audience time and again. She has a progressive vision of artistry, believing that art can develop sustainable alternatives to the current linear economy and bring attention to the urgency of climate. Intriguingly, she is able to bridge the gap between the art world and the world beyond with her work, making her work accessible to a wide audience.

In addition to an activist attitude co-creation is an integral part of Nuyten’s art practice, she seizes collaborations to deepen her artistic possibilities and experiment with different crafts, techniques and materials. Over the past decade, she has collaborated with various specialists and skilled herself in several crafts; from clockmaker and shoemaker to glassblower. Nuyten sees her artworks not as individual, but as a collective activity that requires cooperation between people and a wide range of activities.


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