Matthew Brannon

Misused Pronoun



Silkscreen print

46 × 61 cm

Edition of 150 copies, signed and numbered by the artist.

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about this work

Matthew Brannon sees his print Misused Pronoun (2009) as both casual and deadly serious. The objects depicted – that include a ruler, a brassiere and some shrimps – suggest ways of measuring worth, while the text apparently derives from a pedantic grammatical criticism. The combination can be read in literal or nonsensical ways.


about Matthew Brannon

The artistic oeuvre of Matthew Brannon consists of paintings, spatial installations and sound works, but he is best known for his letterpress and silkscreen prints, which set up elusive relationships between recognizable images and texts. Inspired by everyday objects and disposable items, his prints frequently include images that would not look out of place in a cookbook, juxtaposed with unsettling or inappropriate sentences. His works often recall the language of advertising and posters – particularly from mid-century America – and explore the potential of words and images to communicate but also to confound.



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