Marina Pinsky




Unique archival inkjet print

21 × 17 cm

Edition of 38 unique photographs, signed and numbered by the artist

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about this work

This edition is a series of 38 unique photographs, taken from the digital slideshow Departement of Conservation (2015) Marina Pinsky created as part of her solo exhibition Dyed Channel at Kunsthalle Basel in 2016.

Department of Conservation brings together a slideshowlike-choreography of images from the Roche Historical Archives, alongside other sites such as the Museum of Modern Art of New York’s art conservation offices and the UK’s Millennium Seed Bank. Encapsulating that exhibition’s preoccupation with the split between nature and culture, one realizes that every one of the works grapples with the imposition of technology on natural things.

Each edition comes with a copy of Dyed Channel, the catalogue of Pinsky’s exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel.

about Marina Pinsky

The Moscow-born artist Marina Pinsky has, ever since her days studying photography in Los Angeles, made artworks that sit uneasily between photography and sculpture. Even some of her early staged photographs, the most seemingly straightforward of her uses of the medium, included elaborate props made by hand and then photographed in order to give the result sculptural dimensionality. And in nearly all her works since, her diverse means of overlaying images, embedding photography into the substrate of various materials, or even conceiving of and producing sculpture via photographic methodologies have entangled the two mediums.

(courtesy of Kunsthalle Basel)



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