Magali Reus



Jesmonite, pigment, wax

8 × 9 × 9,5 cm

Unique work in a series of 25 variations, signed by the artist

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This edition is published by The Hepworth Wakefield

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about this work

To accompany her first solo exhibition in a UK institution at The Hepworth Wakefield, Magali Reus has produced a limited edition sculpture which is loosely based on the form of a tea cup. Reus has adapted the form and removed its essential and most primary characteristics – the handle and the bottom. The sculpture’s surface is inlaid with markings which reference the energetic line of archaeological cave drawings.

The mug forms are cast with pigmented and waxed Jesmonite. These forms assume a stone-like quality, but continuing an interest in serial forms, each mug is unique and painted with an individual edition number.

about Magali Reus

Magali Reus’s sculptures are accumulations of images and things – she draws on objects she finds around her, recombining them into something strange and unfamiliar. Although a keen observer of the physical world, Reus avoids using readymade objects, instead each element of her sculptural jigsaws has been meticulously fabricated using a mixture of technological and traditionally craft-based techniques. Colours, materials, textures, sizes, shapes are all manipulated, throwing everyday habits of association into disarray, inviting the viewer to question the way objects may take on – or shed – meanings.

(courtesy of the Hepworth Wakefield)



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