Lynda Benglis




Set of 6 etchings

This edition consists of a suite of 6 prints measuring 60 x 43 cm each

Edition of 37 copies, signed and numbered by the artist

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This edition is published by Poligrafa

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about Lynda Benglis

Lynda Benglis was first recognized in the late sixties with her poured latex and foam works. Benglis’s work created a perfectly timed retort to the male dominated fusion of painting and sculpture with the advent of Process Art and Minimalism. Known for her exploration of metaphorical and biomorphic shapes, she is deeply concerned with the physicality of form and how it affects the viewer, using a wide range of materials to render dynamic impressions of mass and surface: soft becomes hard, hard becomes soft and gestures are frozen.

Roberta Smith wrote in The New York Times on February 17, 2011 of Benglis’s retrospective, “Whether you have been watching Ms. Benglis’s varied career for decades or know her primarily from the latex pieces and her star turn in Artforum, this exhibition pulls together and elaborates her remarkable career in a thrilling way. It proves her work to be at once all over the place and very much of a piece, as well as consistently, irrepressibly ahead of its time. This would seem to be every renegade artist’s dream.”

(courtesy of Cheim & Reid)



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Lynda Benglis - Peace of Heaven - 2013/2015

Lynda Benglis

Peace of Heaven

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