Karl Haendel

Double Dominant [Kerry Tribe]


Inkjet print, pen, tape, graphite residue

This work is framed

27 × 33 cm

Unique digital collage, signed by the artist

This work comes with a copy of Karl Haendel' s publication Double Dominant.

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This edition is published by Triangle Books

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about this work

Karl Haendel visited twenty-four of his artist friends and colleagues in Los Angeles (Walead Beshty, Rodney McMillian, Amanda Ross-Ho,…) to photograph their dominant hands. He digitally cut up these photos and spliced them back together, interleaving two iterations of each artist’s dominant hand into one impossible portrait. He then drew the new unnatural pairs in pencil, at a colossal, almost architectural scale.

This edition is a series of 24 unique inkjet prints with pen, graphite and tape residue. These are the digital collages Haendel made for his large drawings drawings and taped to the wall to be used as models while drawing.

about Karl Haendel

Karl Haendel’s practise revolves around the appropriation of visual signifiers and their recontextualization through drawing. For Haendel, the act of drawing articulates both the human impulse and labour associated with draftsmanship, while offering a physical system to reconsider accepted imagery. Haendel’s drawings, often uncanny renderings, pointedly remove images from their original context— media publications, frozen food labels, medieval knights—and reconfigure them through scale, black and white tonality, and juxtaposition into a new of visual language. It is through this manipulation and repacking of pre-existing imagery that Haendel is able to present keen criticism on contemporary socio-cultural relations, demanding the viewer to draw his or her own.

(courtesy of Mitchell-Innes & Nash)



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