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56 × 76 cm

Edition of 30 copies, numbered by the artist

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about this work

Turner Prize-nominated artist Ciara Phillips works predominately in printmaking, her approach is experimental, often exploring the methods of production through collaboration and co-creation. Phillips’ interest in printmaking is at once material, social and political; she uses the mediums’s constraints as a framework to experiment with authorship and iteration. In anticipation of her artist’s book project (to be published by common-editions in 2016) Phillips has produced a new screen print. Lena bears the image of a woman’s tattooed arm. The tattoo reads ‘Every Woman A Signal Tower’, the title of Phillips’ 2010 exhibition at Glasgow Print Studio.

about Ciara Phillips

Ciara Phillips works mainly in printmaking and her approach is expansive and experimental. Her interest lies in both the physical processes involved in printing and the capacity to explore, test and develop ideas through it. Printing requires time, space and sometimes collaboration with others, which for Phillips, distinguishes it from the directness of drawing an image straight onto a page. Printing has also been linked with political and social activism – a tool to call for action. Phillips brings all these connections into play in her art, whether she is working alone or with others.

Phillips uses screen-printing in which ink is pulled over and pushed through mesh in order to transfer an image onto paper or fabric. She exploits the opportunities offered by this method, layering colour with images and working on both small and large scales.

Phillips has also developed her thinking through projects dealing with collective making. Her Workshop (2010–ongoing), held at The Showroom, London in 2013, created a studio within the gallery where she made prints every day, often working experimentally with community groups and other artists and designers. Phillips’s project transformed the gallery into a place for investigation, social action, discussion and debate.

(courtesy of Generation Scotland)

Ciara Phillips has had solo exhibitions at venues such as Inverleith House, Edinburgh; Konsthall C, Stockholm; Neues Museum, Nürnberg; Spike Island, Bristol; Gregor Staiger, Zürich; Deuxiéme Bureau/Parisa Kind, Frankfurt; and Kendall Koppe, Glasgow. In 2014 she was shortlisted for the Turner Prize for her solo exhibition at The Showroom, London.

Group exhibitions include the travelling British Art Show 8; Drawing Room, London; Tramway, Glasgow; TATE Britain, London; DCA, Dundee; and Kunstverein Hamburg

You can discover more of Ciara Phillips on her own website.

You can also find plenty more information on Ciara Phillips and her work on the website of Generation Scotland.


Other works by Ciara Phillips

Ciara Phillips - Angled Adults (after Bracelli, for Paolozzi) - 2017

Ciara Phillips

Angled Adults (after Bracelli, for Paolozzi)

Ciara Phillips - A Lot of Things Put Together (Weight & Sophie) - 2013

Ciara Phillips

A Lot of Things Put Together (Weight & Sophie)

Ciara Phillips - A Lot of Things Put Together (Weight) - 2013

Ciara Phillips

A Lot of Things Put Together (Weight)

Ciara Phillips - A Lot of Things Put Together (Sophie) - 2013

Ciara Phillips

A Lot of Things Put Together (Sophie)


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