Pieter Vermeersch



Photographic print on Hahnemühle photorag paper

55 × 62 cm

Edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered by the artist


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Pieter Vermeersch has been fascinated by geology since he was a child. His works on marble use the stone itself as a canvas. In the artist’s eyes, marble has a cosmic dimension; the stone is the result of crystalized time, millions of years old and formed by coincidental events that we will never know. This enormous and ungraspable temporal dimension fascinates Vermeersch. By painting the marble, he actives the temporal dimension that the material holds within. He adds a moment, a new layer: that of the present.

This edition depicts his Untitled 2017 oil on marble painting, in its actual size (34 x 27 cm)

over Pieter Vermeersch

Pieter Vermeersch is a painter, but his artistic practice takes him beyond the traditional boundaries of the canvas. He questions and explores the parameters of painting and works on a variety of surfaces, such as canvas, marble, photographs, and existing architecture. Time, space and colour are the three building blocks of Vermeersch’s oeuvre. These concepts lie at the foundation of his gradual murals and architectural interventions.

The architectural context of the exhibition space determines Vermeersch’s selection of works and scenography for each new project. When he decided to venture beyond the borders of the canvas, he soon ran up against a new border, namely that of architecture. This architectural context became like a canvas to him and is the surface on which he paints his murals. These murals consist of gradual transitions of colour. Nothing betrays the labour intensive and rational process required to create them. Brick or cellular concrete walls form the backbone of the exhibition. The rudimentary character of these walls contrasts with the almost perfect execution of the murals and other works in the exhibition.

(courtesy of Museum M)



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