Oriol Vilanova




Vintage postcards on a custom wooden shelf

49 × 11 × 3 cm

Edition of 13 copies, signed and numbered by the artist on a certificate

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In his signature style, Vilanova juxtaposes three identical vintage postcards of a sunset on a custom-made wooden shelf. The sunset is pictured in close-up, rendering the image almost abstract. With no recognizable geographical features depicted – just the sun going down in the sea – the postcard could come from almost anywhere. By titling the work Oostende – after the Belgian coastal town where Vilanova found the postcards – the artist tackles the generic character of the image.

The postcards show small traces of their life at the seaside – having been presented on the boardwalk, in the sun and salty sea air.


over Oriol Vilanova

Oriol Vilanova visits flea markets all over the world to collect antique postcards. The cards he buys can depict everything: from kittens to architectural highlights and from archaeological artefacts to sunsets. These postcards can be seen as mass-produced reliquaries, tangible memories or souvenirs from places or periods.

Vilanova’s collection contains over thirty-four thousand postcards, which he classifies in over one hundred sections, and presents accordingly. The most interesting section would be the one reserved for cards the artist calls ‘unclassifiable’ – as they are often the starting point for new ways of making sense of this ever-growing collection.



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