Lucy Mckenzie

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42 × 60 cm

Edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed by the artist on verso side


This edition is published by Texte Zur Kunst

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Lucy McKenzie became known for her comic drawings, prints and trompe l’œil paintings, combining different genres in an often pithy and caricaturing manner: for example, of socialist wall paintings in the style of East German propaganda of the 50s with graffiti works of the 80s.

This edition was made in the context of Texte zur Kunst’s anniversary edition, and was also used as the cover of magazine no. 50. Here McKenzie refers to the “ligne claire” of a cartoon drawing, using only black outlines without hatchings, and combines the conflicting currents of the art of the fifties – gestural abstraction and sparse figuration – into one image.

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Lucy McKenzie approaches subjects of social and historical engagement, drawing inspiration from 20th-century avant-garde painting, fashion history, decorative arts, music, literature and popular culture. Another important part of her extended oeuvre is her scale models of iconic architectural structures, synthesizing existing architectural design elements.



Andere kunstwerken door Lucy Mckenzie

Lucy Mckenzie - Glasgow 1938/1966   - 2020

Lucy Mckenzie

Glasgow 1938/1966


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