Kris Martin

Joelke Bollert aan den ouderdom van 4 jaren




42 × 31 cm

Edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered by the artist

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The edition is based on an enigmatic 1920’s photograph the artist found, in which a young boy looking straight into the lens is playing with wooden cubes. The title of the work comes from the inscription on the back of the photograph. “I was interested in this image because it depicts the very beginning of a life,” Kris Martin says, “a moment in time where everything is still possible.”

over Kris Martin

Through sculpture, drawing, photography, performance and intervention, Kris Martin challenges the notion of history and time, by attempting to mark, halt or transcend its inevitable passing. By altering found objects through a subtle re-positioning or intervention, and by re-creating canonical works of art and literature, Martin’s practice can be considered as poetic, deeply contemplative and situated within the traditions of conceptual art.



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Kris Martin - Idiot (four napkins) - 2020

Kris Martin

Idiot (four napkins)

Kris Martin - Idiot (four napkins) - 2020

Kris Martin

Idiot (tablecloth & eight napkins)

Kris Martin - Idiot (tablecloth & eight napkins) - 2020

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Idiot (tablecloth & twelve napkins)


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