Evelyn Taocheng Wang

Frog Prince: Printed in Dream


Silkscreen print, collage and textile on FabrianoTiepolo 290 gr paper

42 × 62 cm

Edition of 15 copies, signed and numbered by the artist


This edition is published by artlead

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over Evelyn Taocheng Wang

In her work, Evelyn Taocheng Wang connects personal memories and fantasies to larger themes such as identity, sexuality, ethnicity and gender roles. She addresses these topics through various media, like painting, video, installation and performance. In Frieze Magazine, art critic Amy Sherlock describes the core of Wang’s practice as dealing with “the idea that the body is culturally relative – that what it signifies shifts according to time and place.” Evelyn Taocheng Wang’s work is largely motivated by her interest in what constitutes identity, and how this relates to the body we inhabit. Her practice focuses on the notion of cultural relativity of the body, language and text, and on how these change in relation to time, place and their general environment.



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