Lisa Ijeoma

°1997, Bruges (BE) – lives and works in Ghent (BE)

Lisa Ijeoma’s intricate hand-sewn patchworks are part of an ongoing research on her intersectional identity. In an attempt to challenge historical stereotypes, objectification, and exploitation of the black female body, her patchworks portray both universal and personal experiences.

Born in Belgium with Nigerian roots, her figurative compositions take the viewer through imaginary landscapes often veiled in a looming blue hue. Her collages may depict as particularly calm or peaceful, their backstory is usually not. Beginning her career with a master’s in fine arts painting, she felt the need for a broader spectrum of media to voice her experiences and finished her second masters in Textile design not long after.

Her earliest textile works were conceived during the isolating lockdowns in 2019 and the aftermath of the murder on George Floyd, capturing nightscapes relating to police violence. Often referencing scenes and experiences of fear and trauma, she uses the repetitive motion of hand sowing in a healing manner.

After receiving her degree, she also started researching handwoven Jacquard as a way to illustrate gendered labor in a social-political context, where the repetitive movement becomes a pretext for a deeper understanding of the construction of trauma, identity, questions around gender stereotypes and racial prejudice.

Lisa Ijeoma
Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Joselito Verschaeve

Lisa Ijeoma has shown her work internationally at Ballon Rouge, Brussels; CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam; Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp; Kunstenlab, Deventer; Casco, Leuvcen; C-mine, Genk; Designmuseum, Gent; and Schönefeld, Brussels. Her work was part of the city exhibition Finis Terrae in Antwerp, and is currently on view as a part of the Triennale of Bruges. Upcoming shows include Designmuseum, Den Bosch.

works by Lisa Ijeoma

Lisa Ijeoma - The Dreamer, 2024

Lisa Ijeoma

The Dreamer


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