George Henry Longly

°1978, Taunton (UK) – lives and works in London (UK)

George Henry Longly’s work employs readymade objects, stickers, marble and materials with common associations to both consumer fantasy and product design to engage with modes of display and notions of what constitutes professional activity, lifestyle and creative labour.

He has explicitly enforced parallels between art history and the fashion industry within performances based on the structure of a runway show. Combining disparate references ranging from The Flintstones to lifestyle brand Diptique within a method of making that is more akin to an industrial design process, Longly’s work flirts with it’s own potential to exist elsewhere within the cultural landscape.

(courtesy of The Moving Museum)

Selected solo exhibitions include Serpentine, London; Kendall Koppe, Glasgow; Jonathan Viner, London; Galerie Chez Valentin, Paris; Vidal Cuglietta, Brussels; and Studio Leigh, London. Selected group shows include ICA, London; Mendes Wood, São Paulo; David Zwirner, London; CURA Basement, Rome; Elizabeth Dee, New York; Kostyal, Stockholm, and Lisson Gallery, London.

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Chez Valentin, Paris

Kendall Koppe, Glasgow

You can also discover plently more of George Henry Longly’s work on his own website.

George Henry Longly
George Henry Longly (Photo by Siyoung Song. Courtesy of W magazine)

works by George Henry Longly

George Henry Longly  - take it it's yours - 2015

George Henry Longly

take it it's yours


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