Sarah & Charles




White pvc, molded through thermaformation

46 × 25 × 25 cm

Edition of 30 copies, comes with a certificate signed and numbered by the artists

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about this work

Spot (2015) is a white PVC copy of a theater spot. Sarah & Charles started the series Props for Drama in 2009, which in the following years became a comprehensive project with several installations and two short films. As part of this series, Sarah & Charles are constructing an archive, a ‘storage of props” used in these films and installations, including PVC prints of doors, windows and bricks. Stripped of patina, color and matter, these objects invite the viewer to a more subjective experience of the objects form.

about Sarah & Charles

Sarah & Charles’ s work comprises various forms of arts: installations, decors, sculptures and videos. The artists have a particular interest in narration, fiction and mise-en-scene. In their work, both front and backstage are visible. That way the viewers can at the same time observe the construction of the fiction and the fiction itself. Their entire artistic practise revolves around the creation and simultaneously subversion of illusions.

On the one hand, they stimulate the imagination through the use of images that reflect the illusions fostered by the viewer, on the other hand they constantly dismantle those illusions. Besides staging, memory is also an important theme in the work of Sarah & Charles, memories and the personal experience of it.



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