Peter Downsbrough

Square with two bars


Powder-coated steel

102,5 × 40 × 2,5 cm

Edition of 9 copies, signed by the artist on certificate


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about this work

As is often the case with Peter Downsbrough’s work, this edition can be considered a spatial intervention that focuses on our relationship with space. This wall work consists of a powder-coated steel square measuring 40 x 40 cm, and two powder-coated steel bars of 20 cm, that when installed relate to each other.

These geometric shapes define the space around us, intersect with it and demarcate it. They make us think about how to understand the space that surrounds us.

As a starting position, Peter Downbrough proposes to install Square with two bars as pictured above, but as a collector, you are free to install the work as you please – creating another relationship between the three different elements and the room they are installed in.


about Peter Downsbrough

Since the end of the 1960s, conceptual artist Peter Downsbrough changed the perception of art thoroughly. At the basis of his strong diversified oeuvre, lies a highly distilled, visual vocabulary, which he uses to examine a given space in a very personal and precise manner. In this way, Downsbrough frequently adopts written language in the form of conjunctions, prepositions, verbs and/or pronouns and applies them to walls, floors and ceilings, often in combination with taut lines made of black tape.

Words like ‘as’, ‘if’ or ‘but’ have a double function: on the one hand, they work as iconographic characters, which emphasize and reveal the space, while on the other hand, they offer the viewer several possibilities of interpretation. Despite the impersonal nature of the elements, Downsbrough manages to create a very familiar word/image-universe with minimal interventions and a limited vocabulary.



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