Jan Vercruysse

Himalaya Golf



Silkscreen on Keaykolour white 300gr.

62.5 × 45 cm

Edition of 60 copies, signed and numbered by the artist.

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about Jan Vercruysse

Jan Vercruysse is one of Belgium’s most influential artists. His work developed from his poetry, when in 1974 he stopped writing poems to concentrate on the visual arts. Vercruysse’s artistic practice is based on the autonomy of the artwork and the sovereignty of the artist. According to Vercruysse, art no longer plays a role in this world. In this way, his oeuvre can be divided into distinct series, in which each series means a new investigation concerning the place of art and the artist in the contemporary society.

His multifaceted career ranges from early photographic works, recreating historical subjects (self-portraits, still-lives, mythological scenes, etc.), to empty frames and bases without objects. Furthermore, his famous series Chambres or Tombeaux from the 1980s represent the artist’s last-ditched attempts to create art that refers only to itself. Often, Vercruysse’s works seem to be traces of a world that never existed and never will, but one that still appears to be recognisable.



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