Our favourite booths at Art Rotterdam 2018

Since we’re showing a selection of our editions at this year’s Art Rotterdam, we didn’t have the time for a real guided tour to all the best booths. But our participation to Art Rotterdam did give us access to the fair on the installation day, so here’s – in preview –  an overview of the booths that we liked most.


Filip Vervaet & Theis Wendt at Cinnnamon

Booth C16




Navid Nuur & Oscar Abraham Pabon at Martin Van Zomeren

Booth M39

Martin Van zomeren



Ceel Mogami de Haas at Juliette Jongma

Booth M12

Juliette Jongma



Michèle Matyn at Base-Alpha Gallery

Booth M12

Base Alpha



Catherine Biocca at PSM

Booth C11




Serge Attukwei Cottey at GNYP

Booth M27




Paul Kooiker at Galerie Zink
(They also feature great works by Dirk Zoete, Marcel van Eden & Klaas Rommelaere)

Booth M41

zink galerie



Beni Bischof at PLUS-ONE Gallery

Booth N22

Plus one



Jessica Lajard at Irène Laub Gallery

Booth N13

Irene Laub



Luis Lazaro Matos at Madragoa

Booth N15




Vivien Zhang at House of Egorn

Booth N14

house of egorn



Sofia Goscinski at unttld contemporary

Booth N19

unttld contemporary



It would be weird to include our own booth in this selection, but pass by to say hi and see the works we present.

We’re at booth M02 – the first booth on the left when entering the fair.


Art Rotterdam runs through Sunday 11 February.

Van Nellefabriek

Van Nelleweg 1


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