Oriol Vilanova:
42 days – at Parra & Romero, Madrid

With the restlessness and the certainty of being going to be replaced

A volcano

A chameleon

A remote-controlled vehicle

A pair of hands

Some fisherwomen of pearls

A fire

A bird of paradise

A contest

A tunnel

A little castle

A musician from Djerba

A breadbox

The Guggenheim

A conversation

A seascape

A casino

Adam and Eve

A salty tide

A German fair

A cicada

A load of bananas

In vino veritas

A delimited outline

Two brothers

The void

A group of sleeping people

A roundabout

A mooring point

A complicated curve

Forty-five thousand pieces of Roquefort

Some sun-dried fish

A heroine

Some dry flowers

An auction

Two stained-glass windows by Matisse

An endless landscape

An autumn morning

A scene in Kyoto

A lacemaker

Three crosses

A hotel out of place

A telecom station

Six thousands five hundred and seventy-six pins

A pillar


42 days is an exhibition that, opposite to the usual display systems, unfolds in time instead of in space. During the 42 days of the show, the pair of postcards exhibited is changed daily (and being put in a different place of the gallery each time), so the exhibition will vary every day. The postcards exhibited at 42 days are a part of the Entre Guillemets series (2015- ongoing); double images found in different places and moments. Repetitions with singular biographies.


This component of randomness, variability and uncertainty turns 42 days into an experiment that inverts the classical display system –which is one of the axis of Vilanova’s work-: to see the entire exhibition, it wouldn’t be about visiting it through all its spatial dimensions, but through its temporal extension, which would be almost impossible. Furthermore, 42 days is liked by inversion with the most recent institutional shows by Oriol Vilanova in which he has covered with postcards the walls of the whole exhibition space. This time, the pins remark the absence of those postcards at the same time that they suggest endless possibilities of presence, among which only 42 will actually become real.
































Oriol Vilanova

42 days

13 September – 04 November 2017


Parra & Romero

Claudio Coello 14

Madrid (ES)





Courtesy of the artist and Parra & Romero





Oriol Vilanova

Oostende, 2017

(49 x 11 x 3 cm – Edition of 13 copies, signed and numbered by the artist on certificate)

€ 600


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