Venice Biennale 2017

Last weekend the Venice Biennale opened its doors to the public. One of the most important events in the art world, the city-wide exhibition runs from 13 May through 26 November, leaving you plenty of time to visit. In our journal, we compiled an easy three-part guide to lead you around the must-see highlights of this year’s edition, divided into chapters around Il Giardini, the Arsenale, and the last one for all the exhibitions spread around town. In this collection, we bring together some of the stars of this year’s Venice Biennale. Get them while you still can!

The cover image of this collection is James Lee Byaer’s Golden Tower that was erected at the edge of the Grand Canal. It was conceived as a monument for humanity by Bayers.

Francis Upritchard - Surly Baboon - 2018

Francis Upritchard

Surly Baboon

Franz Erhard Walther - Materialhandlung - 2012

Franz Erhard Walther


Thierry De Cordier - Singing in the Rain ... - 1999

Thierry De Cordier

Singing in the Rain ...

Dirk Braeckman - F.T.-T.F.-13-2013 - 2013

Dirk Braeckman


Francis Upritchard - A Beat - 2013

Francis Upritchard

A Beat

Thierry De Cordier - Chagrin d'écrivain - 2004

Thierry De Cordier

Chagrin d'écrivain

Franz Erhard Walther - Menschheitsdämmerung - 2016

Franz Erhard Walther



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