Bob Eikelboom
It’s my way or the Highway, 2020

Steel, magnets, plastic
25 × 31 cm
Unique colleague, in a series of 20 variations


Bob Eikelboom made a series of 20 magnetic collages. Each collage is composed of the same elements: five black circles, two Warholesque flowers, an orange element reminiscent of hard-edge painting, a figure that appeared in one of Eikelboom’s earlier works, the title of the work, and some small coloured dots. All these elements are presented on a metal plaque, each time in a different composition. Each composition is vacuum-packed.

However, similarly, as with Eikelboom’s magnetic paintings, the input of the viewer is important. You can, of course, save the work as a vacuum relic, but you can also activate it – by opening it and creating your personal composition that you change at regular intervals.

You will see that there are too many magnets on the metal plaque and that these thus overlap each other. The idea is that the various magnetic elements gradually escape the rigid structure of the metal carrier and spread through your house – on the fridge, the heater or the mirror.


Some works from this series were sold before all individual works could be documented.

Bob Eikelboom - It's my way or the Highway - 2020

Bob Eikelboom

It's my way or the Highway


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