Lily van der Stokker

Nothing Happening Here!


Lasercut and folded Dibond

67 x 40 x 9 cm

Edition of 6 copies, signed and numbered by the artist on certificate


This edition comes with a copy of Lily van der Stokker 's latest retrospective publication Friendly Good

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about this work

Although Lily van der Stokker is primarily known for her drawings and wall paintings, she also makes sculptural work – such as the large colourful volumes that regularly appear in exhibition contexts, or her giant Celestial Teapot that has been standing in Utrecht’s public space since 2013. A few years ago we invited Lily van der Stokker to make her first sculptural edition. We are thrilled to announce a second version of her poppy wall sign in which she tells us in her typical style that nothing happens here.

about Lily van der Stokker

Since the 1990s, Lily van der Stokker has been internationally known for her playful drawings and murals in bright colours. Van der Stokker’s cheerful drawings are made in bright or pastel colours. She often draws motifs such as flowers, curls and clouds. Van der Stokker combines these shapes with words or sentences that are very recognisable. Because of this combination of sweetly coloured shapes and short pieces of text, her works of art seem very easy and accessible. But that is only an illusion. In her own words, she makes ‘difficult art that looks easy’.

In terms of form, Van der Stokker, with her colourful flower and cloud decorations, is indebted to Pop Art. And through the use of text in her works, her practice is strongly rooted in the tradition of the conceptual art of the 1970s by, for example, Joseph Kosuth, or Lawrence Weiner. In a similar way, the text speaks directly to the viewer, but Van der Stokker asks very different questions than her (male) art historian predecessors.



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Lily van der Stokker  - Hier gebeurt niets!, 2021

Lily van der Stokker

Hier gebeurt niets!

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