Camille Picquot

Slumber, from the series Salut soleil (qui sait mourir)

2011 – 2021


Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Photo rag 308g

48,5 x 73 cm

Edition of 7 copies, signed and numbered by the artist on certificate

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about this work

This photograph comes from Camille Picquot’s latest photographic series entitled Salut Soleit (qui sait mourir) (2011-2021). The title of the series is taken from a poem by the French spiritualist-surrealist René Daumal. The series shows a desire for celebration and physicality and it is the first time that Picquot’s images have such sensuality: they show bodies, skin, and touch. It is also the first time that Picquot gives us an insight into her own life. Previously, there was a strict border between the images the artist made as part of her artistic practice and the images she made as documents of her personal life. As such, Picquot again plays with the boundary between fiction and documentary – you don’t know which image is a snapshot and which is staged.

about Camille Picquot

Camille Picquot’s work is situated at the intersection of the visible and the invisible, where reality and imagination meet. Through series of photos and films, she plays with the dynamics between fiction and documentary. She intertwines the two, creating a story in which you never know what is true and what is not.

Picquot presents her photos in series that gradually develop from photographic experiments, spontaneous snapshots, staged images, and as a reflection on the text she writes about and with these images. It is difficult to conceptualise the development of these series. Some of her images arise autonomously while others are carefully constructed. It is only after there is a large number of images that Picquot brings them together. Then she rethinks what the images mean, how they form a whole, and what is missing from that whole.


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Camille Picquot - Slumber, from the series Salut soleil (qui sait mourir), 2011 – 2021

Camille Picquot

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