M Leuven

M Leuven is the continuation of the Stedelijk Museum Vander Kelen-Mertens and inaugurated in 2009. The museum building was designed by Belgian architect Stéphane Beel whose design integrates existing and new architecture in an exciting whole. The museum aims to integrate the past, present and future in a comprehensive approach to visual art and visual culture. M Leuven is a dynamic art institution that combines a historical collection with a varied exhibition programme of classical and contemporary art.

Next to a semi-permanent show of the vast collection ranging from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 20th century, M Leuven hosts two floors of exhibition rooms with a surface of 4000m² in which both ancient and contemporary art exhibitions are on show. The museums programme mostly focusses on solo exhibitions, both by internationally known and young and upcoming artists. The last years M has developed a programme with exhibitions of Sarah Morris (2016), Peter Buggenhout (2015), Markus Schinwald (2014), Ugo Rondinone (2013), Aleksandra Mir (2013), Geert Goiris (2013), Sol LeWitt. Colors (2012), Patrick Van Caeckenbergh (2012), Dirk Braeckman (2011), Mika Rottenberg (2011), Pedro Cabrita Reis (2011), Matthew Brannon (2010), Angus Fairhurst (2010), Jan Vercruysse (2009) amongst others, parallel to a space dedicated to young artists and experimental projects.

Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28, Leuven, Belgium (BE).

available works

Pieter Vermeersch - Untitled - 2019
Geert Goiris - Salvage - 2013

Geert Goiris


Matthew Brannon - Oral Examination - 2010

Matthew Brannon

Oral Examination

Jan Vercruysse - Himalaya Golf - 2009

Jan Vercruysse

Himalaya Golf


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