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My Oology

My Oology, 2009 - Graham Fagen

about this work

A private re-presentation and reconsideration of the artist’s childhood egg collection. This work is a personal account through which to reexamine the related social hierarchies, values and exchanges that this activity carries in the artist’s memory of a particular culture of collecting.

Vividly presented and carefully ordered and labeled, this print is reminiscent of a museological display or educational didactic. The artist’s choice of colour palette and orderly arrangement recalls the inside of a sawdust lined box or a collector’s cabinet of curiosities, meticulously annotated by hand.

The choice of title is both playful and rather melancholic - an oblique reference to a private eulogy for his childhood collection - a formal tribute to something lost.

about Graham Fagen

There is an inherent diversity and openness in Graham Fagen’s artistic and conceptual approach. He works in sculpture, drawing, photography, filmmaking, writing and text, neon, installation and performance. Although his works draw on varied references and embrace all manner of materials and media, they all, in some way, touch on the role of society, history and cultural turning points in the lives of both individuals and communities. Whether made for a gallery or in the public realm, Fagen’s works are frequently developed over time, involving the collaboration and participation of others.

Fagen’s points of departure include slavery, the cultural influences of music, nature and the symbolic power of flowers, urban planning and regeneration. Elsewhere, Fagen has used his own experiences.

(courtesy of Generation Scotland)

Graham Fagen exhibited internationally in solo exhibitions organised by Tramway, Glasgow; Artspace San Antonio, Texas; The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh; Murray Guy, New York; La Friche, Marseille; and CRAC, Alsace. Group exhibitions include National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; Kunsthalle Andrax; Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow; Frac, Nord-Pas de Calais; Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan; ICA, London; and Tate Britain, London. In 2015, Fagen represented Scotland at the Venice Biennale.

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Matt’s Gallery, London  

You can also find plenty more information on Graham Fagen and his work on his own website and on the website of Generation Scotland.  

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