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A Temporary Monument for Brussels


A Temporary Monument for Brussels is a contemporary reflection on the historical concept of a monument. It functions as present-day answer to Jacques Moeschal's beautiful, monumental sculpture Signal from Zellik, which embodies the blind optimism proper to the post-war climate - in which cars and concrete were the determining factors for what everybody agreed was to be a brighter future. Signal from Zellik eminently symbolises a specific worldview of urban development from the sixties and seventies of the past century. Today however, we agree that a city is not defined by concrete and cars, but by the people who live there, who temporarily come together and from their combined characteristics form the heart and soul of a city. From this perspective, it seems only logical that a contemporary monument for the city also has a temporary character. Just like the changing dynamics of its city, A Temporary Monument for Brussels changes throughout its existence – as the large-scale banners are re-imaged by a different artist based in Brussels.


(click on the different series of banners to see and read more about each project)



Gijs Milius (NL)


18/05/2019 — ...







Philippe Van Snick (BE)

Brussel Pastel Bruxelles

13/01 — 05/05/2019







Sarah Margnetti (CH)

Autonomous Devices

12/10/2018 — 12/01/2019







Valérie Mannaerts (BE)

A Winged Thing

15/07 — 12/10/2018








Aline Bouvy (BE)

Slenders Thrills

19/04 — 15/07/2018