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offline projects is not just an online platform. Our mission to democratise art doesn't stop at an online marketplace or a journal. We believe the best way to engage with art is to encounter it in real life, and so we also set up our very own artlead's offline projects to introduce people to art.  We organise various series of art in public space projects and exhibitions in our very own artlead SALON, and present our partner's editions in pop-up spaces and art fairs across the EU.



A Temporary Monument for Brussels


A Temporary Monument for Brussels is a sequence of site-specific public art commissions reflecting on the historic concept of a monument. It takes the form of five large-scale banners on Place Sainctelette which are re-imagined by a different Brussels-based artist every quarter.




Hana Miletić


16/02/2021 — 19/09/2021


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Billboard Series


Billboard Series is an on-going long-term project in Ghent, which we initiated in 2015 to accompany a five yearlong city renewal, from old industrial port to new city quarter - after a masterplan by O.M.A. As such transformation is far-reaching for the neighbourhood and its residents, we don’t want to take this conversion for granted. Each year, we commission four artists to create a work that considers the status of the image and fosters a productive dialogue with the surrounding neighbourhood and changing urban landscape.




Shirley Villavicencio Pizango

Painting as Far as Your Eyes Can See

01/06/2021 — 06/09/2021


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artlead SALON


In 2018, we opened a temporary pop-up space called artlead SALON. Every few months, we presented a new edition and a contextualising exhibition by the same artist. We did five consecutive presentations before closing the space again.




Sarah Margnetti (CH)

Inspiring People

26/10 — 21/12/2018


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Exhibitions, Pop-ups & Art Fairs


Occasionally we curate exhibitions in galleries or non-profits spaces, organise pop-up presentations of our partner's editions, and participate in art fairs. Get in touch if you'd like to collaborate with us.




Art Rotterdam 2020






Art Rotterdam 2019






Independent Brussel 2018




artlead_designcollectors x






Brussels Gallery Weekend 2018






Art Brussels 2018






Art Rotterdam 2018






Brussels Gallery Weekend 2017







- a group show with Davide Balula, Amy Brener, Nicolas Deshayes,

Sarah & Charles, Loup Sarion and Piotr Skiba

09/06/2017 — 08/07/2017






Art Brussels 2017