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As Bonnie 'Prince' Billy sang beautifully in his 2005 classic My Home is The Sea: "with the sea air in my lungs / I am home / You are home". The sea has a tremendous effect on most of us. You cannot look at the sea and feel nothing. This endless, ever-moving body of water that reaches as far as the eye can see is one of the most fascinating things in this world. Silent and calm at times, but simultaneously ever-changing and unpredictable. It is powerful but serene, appealing yet dangerous, and ultimately, the origin of all life. The sea has been an inspiration to artists since the dawn of men, and is an important subject in art history. The sea is depicted on ancient Greek vases and on the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. She plays an important role in contemporary masterpieces like Bas Jan Aders' In Search of the Miraculous and Marcel Broodthaers' Un Voyage en mer du Nord. Not everybody has the luck to live by the ocean, but we hope this selection of artworks brings the sea a little closer to home.

My Home is the Sea