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Freek Wambacq

°1978, Brussels (BE) – lives and works in Brussels (BE)

The work of Freek Wambacq often arises from chance encounters and personal discoveries. He investigates the connections between sculpture, installation and architecture. In so doing, the artist makes use of everyday, sometimes even absurd-looking objects and artisanal materials and techniques.

Below the surface of these deceptively simple objects, however, there is a tangle of various stories, sociological commentaries and recurring architectural or art historical references that add numerous dimensions to the aesthetic qualities of the work. Wambacq’s artistic creation is both material and conceptual, thus creating a critical link between the art world and the world itself.

(courtesy of Museum M)

Recent solo and group exhibitions include Witte de With, Rotterdam; Kunstverein, Bregenz; Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp; Museum M, Leuven; Casino, Luxembourg; M HKA, Antwerp; de Appel, Amsterdam; and Wiels, Brussels.

You can discover more of Freek Wambacq’s work on his own website.