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Canan Tolon

°1955, Istanbul (TR) – lives and works in San Francisco (US)

The artistic practice of Canan Tolon is process based and deals with space, time, gravity, and chance interactions between disparate materials. Space is the main subject of Tolon’s work, especially in the way it is visualised, politicised, imagined and remembered. Always astute and elaborate, her technique for creating space may at first sight seem random, but is clearly the result of painstaking investigation, premeditation and control. Tolon’s aim is to make paintings that are apparently recognisable, yet elude description.

Canan Tolon has had numerous solo exhibitions, including shows at SFMOMA, San Francisco and Parasol Unit, London. Her work has also been shown in several major group exhibitions at venues such as the British Museum, London; the Istanbul Modern Museum; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam. She participated at the Istanbul Biennial in 1992 and at the Kiev Biennial in 2012.

Tolon has works in a number of major public collections, including the British Museum, London and Istanbul Modern.

Canan Tolon is represented by the following galleries;
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Gallery Gilbert Anglim, San Francisco

Von Lintel Gallery, Los Angeles

Istanbul Galeri Nev, Istanbul

Ankara Galeri Nev, Ankara

You can also find more work by Canan Tolon on her own website.