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Leonhard Hurzlmeier

°1983, Starnberg (DE) – lives and works in Munich (DE) 

Leonhard Hurzlmeier’s paintings show humanoid beings, mostly female, wherein geometrical elements of extreme flatness form constructions of flesh and fabric. The subjects of his paintings allude to historical representations of women in the arts; at the same time, they often represent contemporary female personae from everyday life. Behind these seemingly harmless images lies an inherent questioning of both our perception of art and women in society. Hurzlmeier spends weeks on every layer of paint he applies, ending up with iconographies both obviously recognisable and strangely foreign. The tight frame, the play with abstraction, the dislocation of the body, the glossiness and regularity of the paint all lead up to a critical confrontation with current and past aesthetics, topical duplicity and complex visual codes.

(courtesy of Duve, Berlin)

Recent exhibitions include Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York; Jahn und Jahn, Munich; Duve, Berlin, Sabine Knust Gallery, Munich; Kunstverein Ebersberg; and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Center, Los Angeles.

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Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York 

works by Leonhard Hurzlmeier