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De Lama Lamina

De Lama Lamina, 2004 - Matthew Barney

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De Lama Lamina, 2004

Matthew Barney  

19 x 25 cm / 7.48 x 9.84 inch
Edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered by the artist

  • Medium: Embossed print and pencil on paper
  • This work is framed
  • Ships in 5 to 10 businnes days from Brussels (BE)

about this work

Mattheyw Barney produced this edition based on his 2004 film project De Lama Lamina (From Mud, A Blade). This was one of his first films after completing the Cremaster Cycle and was carried out as a live performance piece at Carnival in Salvador de Bahia in collaboration with the musician Arto Lindsay. The performance draws inspiration from deities of the local Candomble region. The two gods are Ogun, the deity of war, who possesses iron tools which he uses for both building/cultivating and also harvesting/killing, and Ossaim, the god of the forests and healing. In this respect these two gods can be seen to represent to opposing sides. Central to the carnival procession is a behemoth forestry truck which holds a giant redwood in its claws, as if just torn from the ground, representing the modern day destruction of the rainforest. From this tree, hang Ogun’s seven iron tools, and climbing in the branches a woman who represents the eco-activist Julia Butterfly Hill. Whilst the truck makes its way along the carnival path, a man (called Greenman, perhaps representing Ossaim) is harnessed to the undercarriage. This figure interacts with the truck and performs sexual acts whilst plants growing from his orifices grow and bloom. Taken together, these motifs represent a hybrid of the two gods and make a political statement on how the forests are treated by man.

Each edition shows the redwood motive embossed on a sheet of paper, on which the artist wrote “de Lama Lamina” by hand in pencil and drew a border line separating the roots and branches from the tree. 

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