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Klara Pompidou x artlead Edition Set

Klara Pompidou x artlead Edition Set , 2021 - Lili Dujourie, Ann Veronica Janssens, Pieter Vermeersch

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about this work

Pompidou is a radio programme on the national Belgian radio Klara. First aired in 2013, it shares artlead's goal of bringing art closer to people. Since 2020, Klara and artlead have been working together to take this endeavour one step further. Together with artlead, Pompidou presents art to its listeners in the form of affordable, limited edition artworks made by some of Belgium's most prolific artists.

Each year, Klara Pompidou and artlead jointly publish three editions which will be offered as a set, each published on 50 signed and numbered copies. This second edition set brings together limited edition artworks by Ann Veronica Janssens, Pieter Vermeersch, and Lili Dujourie.

This edition set includes the following works:

Pieter Vermeersch
Untitled, 2021
Silkscreen on Lamdaprint,
mounted on Interstar Betonplex
40x 60 cm

Pieter Vermeersch is a painter, but his artistic practice takes him beyond the traditional boundaries of canvas. He explores the parameters of painting, and works on a variety of surfaces, such as canvas, marble, photographs, and existing architecture. Time, space and colour are the three building blocks of Vermeersch’s oeuvre. These concepts also lie at the foundation of this edition: a photographic close-up of a marble slab is largely covered by a silkscreen print. In the artist’s eyes, marble has a cosmic dimension; the stone is the result of crystalized time, millions of years old and formed by coincidental events that we will never know. This enormous and ungraspable temporal dimension fascinates Vermeersch. By reproducing an almost invisible detail from a slab of marble and silkscreening on it, he actives the temporal dimension that the material holds within. He literally adds a new layer: that of the present.


Lili Dujourie
L'ecume, 1976 / 2021
Inkjetprint on Hahnemülhe Fine Art Pearl Paper, in an artist frame
21,7 x 40,7 cm (frame size)

Lili Dujourie’s photograph L’Ecume depicts a dark, swelling sea and a big wave crashing ashore. The original photograph on which this edition is based dates back from 1976 and is linked to a famous series Dujourie made of the Noordzee in the late seventies. From her appartment on the sea dyke in Oostende, she photographed the coming and going of the waves, the endless immensity and capriciousness of the sea. L’Ecume is presented in an artist frame.


Ann Veronica Janssens
Untitled, for Klara, 2021
Laminated glass panel
45 x 45 x 1 cm

Ann Veronica Janssens develops an experimental body of work – both visual and sensory – intended to destabilize our perception of space. Light is not instrumental to her practice, but is an actual subject. Through in situ installations and the use of simple or intangible materials, such as light, sound or artificial fog, and transparent elements such as glass, and reflecting elements such as mirrors, she confronts the viewer with a fleeting experience that crosses the threshold of a clear and controlled vision. This edition in laminated glass touches at the very core of Janssens’ practice and is a small prototype of a new series she is working on. 






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