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Daydreamer's Wavy Boot

Daydreamer's Wavy Boot, 2017 - Anthea Hamilton

about this work

This edition is part of School Prints, a series produced by the Hepworth Wakefield, reviving a groundbreaking scheme set up in the 1940s to supply original, high-quality contemporary art to primary schools.

About this edition, Anthea Hamilton says: “Perhaps this is a self-portrait of me as a young girl? The shiny leg of the boot, neat and wavy like the long black plaits I wore every day. The grown-up high heel made of bricks is the Victorian school building we surreptitiously carved our names into the walls of with little stones from the playground floor. And the clouds rolling in blue sky are what I would watch out of the tall windows as I listened a little, daydreamed a little, during school assemblies, maths lessons, stories of how volcanoes are formed and practised joined-up handwriting. As a kid I didn’t know such a thing as being an artist was possible, perhaps as unlikely as making a portrait of oneself as a boot? It fits me perfectly.”

about Anthea Hamilton

Research is at the heart of Anthea Hamilton’s work, whether it is into art nouveau design, the roots of 1970’s disco or lichen. Each subject is studied closely and used as a lens through which to view the world. Hamilton talks of being strongly influenced by the early 20th century French writer and dramatist Antonin Artaud and his call for the ‘physical knowledge of images’. It is this bodily response to an idea or an image that she wants us to experience when we encounter her work and its use of unexpected materials, scale and humour.

(courtesy of Tate Britain)

Anthea Hamilton’s solo exhibitions include Chisenhale Gallery, London; The Hepworth Wakefield; Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London; Sculpture Center, New York; ICA, London; and Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin. Group exhibitions include Palais de Tokyo, Paris; M KHA, Antwerp; David Roberts Art Foundation, London;Tramway, Glasgow; and Sculpture Center, New York. Hamilton participated in the 13eme Biennale de Lyon and the 10th Gwangju Biennale.

Anthea Hamilton was nominated for the 2016 Turner Prize.

You can discover more of Anthea Hamilton’s work on her own website.

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